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Bdraa3 2 years ago
Lmao.. this guy does NOT know how to eat pussy..
Laughing 7 months ago
All these guys saying “this guy doesnt know how to eat pussy” and me as a female - absolutely glued to the screen. Maybe different people like it different ways (and maybe yall dont know how to eat it like you think lol)
X men 1 year ago
U r very lucky men, I also want this puccy I want t kiss to much
Sevgi 10 months ago
Vay be
Mr millz 4 months ago
What she sleeping he does not know what he is doing at all
Dickhardo 11 months ago
Guys a pro at eating oreos. But pussy you gotta push your tongue in like your about to change gear.. then blow that clutch
3 weeks ago
Indian 1 year ago
You should add music in the background of your video.
Nice 1 year ago
Beautiful pussy mmmm
Mbov 1 year ago
This guy don't know how to eat pussy